September 23, 2018

Working in Perth, Western Australia: I work full time designing, documenting and building online services.

I love music, programming, old cartoons, computer games, cheese, Yorkshire Tea and German beer. Not in that order, but pretty darn close.

My two kids keep me active, awake and in a fairly constant state of excitement. Their view of the world is infectious, inspirational and keeps me going when times get tough.

I have almost twenty years experience as a web designer and developer. Here's my design folio and resume. I work primarily with Wordpress, php, mysql, html and vanilla JS.

In my down time, I study music production. Not a huge amount to show for it yet, but I try to post tiny chewnz on my Soundcloud page whenever I can.

I'm saving for a Roli Seaboard. If you would like to help, please feel free to donate.

I build websites

September 27, 2018